Springblooms, Sunshine, Snow and Shaemus

What a week it has been.  Full of good things, and the pressure was on – yikes, all these deadlines…and thankfully Ann posted about being under pressure and it changed my perspective on every moment that I was called upon to give it my all:

Escapism always tempts: read a few pages of the book in the washroom, check email, see if there’s anything sweet on the pantry shelves, anything. Quick, let off some steam.

Sometimes it is direly necessary. Good and right. All pressure cookers have safety valves.

And yet too, the paradox, always the paradox:

When life heats up, escape can negate the efficacy of the Refiner’s Fire.

Letting pressure’s steam escape, may mean God’s dream for me escapes. Habitual escapism can escape His holy ends.

…Lock the lid on. Let life get hot.  Stay present. Breathe deep.

Let the pressure do its good, quick work.

This week’s gifts:

  • Connecting hearts
  • Boys making school breakfast
  • The school did not burn down – don’t ask
  • Fresh bread hot out of the oven and butter melting into it
  • Sleeping with an open window
  • Waking up to birds chirping
  • Getting to work at the crack of dawn and the rooster crows “welcome”
  • Pants-down races
  • Tuned-up bikes and David paying cash for his new wheels
  • The Lenten devotional
  • Karen – I just love you so
  • The boys enjoying dogsitting Shaemus
  • Lessons prepared and packed before bed time
  • Praying the stations of the cross from Mary’s perspective on the Day of the Annunciation of our Lord – 9 months until Christmas!
  • The hoophouse standing up to strong winds and SNOW!
  • Running into old dietitian friends and mentors
  • Italian music
  • Listening to Jonathan online 

Count your blessings and have a wonderful week!


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Chef, Mom, Registered Dietitian
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